Cosmo Kramer Chronicles Part 3

It is the early morning of the 24th day of March, of the year 1257.

Cosmo Kramer and his horse Rusty roam the countryside with a Nord villager looking for groups of looters. Cosmo sees a group of 4 looters having a discussion with a army of roughly 80. Cosmo approaches and lends his aid to the commander of the large army, Lord Aedin to fight the 4 looters. Cosmo is thinking, heeeey I can get some loot out of this.

Cosmo captures a looter and a thief that were knocked unconscious during the battle.

Cosmo looks around the area for more looters to fight but can not find any.

Cosmo returns to Tihr and tries to get in to the arena but it is closed for the night.

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